Taiwan stars Sharon Hsu and Edison Wang's IVF plans on hold

Actor Edison Wang was diagnosed with Covid-19 while he and his wife, Sharon Hsu, were undergoing fertility treatments. PHOTO: SHARON HSU/INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI - Taiwanese actress Sharon Hsu and her husband, actor Edison Wang, had to cease ongoing fertility treatments after he tested positive for Covid-19. They had tied the knot on Nov 11, 2021.

Hsu, 40, had posted on Instagram on Saturday (May 14), saying in Chinese that she would be taking a seven-day hiatus as she was "about to have (her) second egg retrieval", and also that she was "in the middle of ovulation treatment".

Egg retrieval is one of the steps involved in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), a process which includes the stimulation of the ovaries with drugs.

But on Tuesday, Hsu followed up with a more sombre selfie, along with a caption explaining that "all treatments and surgeries will have to be stopped".

"Although we're at the end of the treatment, but for the sake of everyone's health and safety, we have to give up," wrote the actress and singer, who has appeared in Jojo's World (2017) and One Night In Taipei (2015).

She added she was tired both physically and mentally and thanked the fans who had expressed support for her fertility journey.

"Thank you to thosewho have cared for and encouraged me and loved me, and so many of you for sharing your amazing experiences. You guys are really brave and strong, and I'll continue to be as strong as steel," she wrote.

Wang, 34, followed up with his own Instagram post on Tuesday evening, showing a picture of an antigen rapid test (ART) indicating a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.

"Thank you all for your concern, I have already gone for a PCR test this afternoon and am waiting to be informed of the result," he said in the Chinese caption to the post.

The Stand By Me (2019) and Bromance (2015 to 2016) actor added that he was the one who had given Hsu her IVF injections. He ended on a hopeful note, saying: "We will be fine and face it together."

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