Star couples like Fann Wong and Christopher Lee celebrate Valentine's Day

(From left) Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan.
(From left) Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan.PHOTOS: FANNAIAIWONG/INSTAGRAM, JEREMYCHANMY/INSTAGRAM

Social media on Valentine's Day was flooded with lovey-dovey selfies from couples - local celebrities among them.

Star couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, who have been married for 12 years, posed for a series of sweet selfies with a box of his-and-hers perfumes from Louis Vuitton, which they both posted on their individual Instagram accounts.

Lee, 49, wrote: "My darling, happy Valentine's Day. You are awesome. Love you forever." He ended with a string of heart and kiss emojis.

Fann, 50, wrote: "Kiss me, my Valentine."

Another celebrity couple, Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan, posted silly photos and videos of themselves.

Actor-host Chan, 39, posted a photo of the two of them hamming it up for the camera with the caption: "Sometimes love isn't about being smart. Sometimes it's about being stupid together."

Liu, 42, who married Chan in 2017, uploaded a funny clip of her typing something on her phone while he tried to steal a peek.

She wrote: "I am able to meet you despite the world being so big, and you… have been eyeing me all this while."