Squid Game actors called 'ahjussi' or 'uncle' for their Instagram selfies

Actors Lee Jung-jae (left) and Park Hae-soo have been posting selfies with weird camera angles and awkward smiles. PHOTOS: LEE JUNG-JAE/INSTAGRAM, PARK HAE-SOO/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL - Squid Game actors Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo, who joined Instagram earlier this month after the K-drama became a mega hit worldwide, have been amusing fans with their "ahjussi" selfies.

The word "ahjussi" refers to a middle-aged man or uncle in South Korea. The two social media newbies have been posting selfies with weird camera angles and awkward smiles, which makes for a refreshing change from the usual sleek boy band images.

Lee, 48, captioned his first post, a selfie in a car, on Oct 2 with: "Is this… how I do this…?"

On the same day, Park, 39, shared a similar selfie when he started his account.

Netizens have been commenting on their photos, with one saying: "I've never seen any ahjussi who doesn't take selfies like that. It's like there's a national rule."

The uncle vibes only intensified when Lee posted a series of 10 similar photos of the two of them backstage at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last Thursday (Oct 7).

One fan commented: "This is like one picture 10 times."

Lee currently has 3.3 million followers and Park has two million after about a week on the social media platform, so they must be doing something right.

Another veteran actor, Ji Jin-hee, 50, was also dragged into the comments by one netizen, who wrote: "And also take a look at this legend here."

He added a screenshot of the Move To Heaven (2021) actor's Instagram grid, which has hundreds of selfies, all hilariously in the so-called ahjussi pose.

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