S'pore celebrities reflect on womanhood on International Women's Day

Actresses Chen Xiuhuan (left) and Sora Ma took to social media to commemorate International Women's Day. PHOTOS: CHENXIUHUAN/INSTAGRAM, SORAMAYX/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Several local celebrities took to social media to express their thoughts on International Women's Day on March 8.

Actress Chen Xiuhuan wrote: "A woman has many roles to play in life - daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother and employee. Every role is not easy.

"You can love your home very much and dedicate yourself to it unreservedly, but please set aside some energy and love for yourself. Wishing everyone a happy Women's Day!"

The 56-year-old is married to businessman Fred Tsai and the couple have three daughters.

Actress Sora Ma, 38, wrote: "In the past, a woman fought hard for equal rights not because she wanted to prove that she was stronger than the men, but because she hoped to get a fair treatment and the right to make her choices based on her capabilities.

"The roles played by women in contemporary society have become more diverse, as they try to counter the stereotypes of independent women from the previous generations. No matter what her choices are, she should be respected and not be sidelined or marginalised.

"Let us challenge the bias, #breakthebias, and create a more peaceful world."

Actress Aileen Tan, currently appearing in the dialect series I Want To Be A Towkay, marked the day with photos taken with several of her celebrity pals, including actresses Zoe Tay and Pan Lingling, as well as former actresses Cherie Lim and Jaslyn Theen, who is also known as Tang Miaoling.

Actors Mark Lee and Cavin Soh also took the opportunity to pay tribute to their wives.

Soh, who is married to entrepreneur Serena Yeo, wrote: "Being a woman itself is a superpower. Happy Women's Day to the superhero in my life!"

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