Red carpet clip of Oscar Isaac sniffing Jessica Chastain's armpit goes viral

Oscar Isaac (right) spontaneously nuzzled his way up Jessica Chastain's arm and sniffed her armpit. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

VENICE - The red carpet antics of actor Oscar Isaac have gone viral, with a clip of him sniffing co-star Jessica Chastain's armpit viewed more than 8.5 million times since it was posted on Sunday (Sept 5).

Isaac, 42, and Chastain, 44, who were at the Venice Film Festival to promote their HBO drama series Scenes From A Marriage, were posing on the red carpet with her arm draped on his shoulder.

Her screen spouse then spontaneously began to nuzzle his way up her arm and sniffed her armpit, much to her amusement. He even followed up with a comedic twist by doing a lip-smacking chef's kiss while Chastain laughed and looked flustered.

Both actors are married to other people with two children each and have known each other for more than 20 years, since their days together at The Juilliard School, a performing arts college in New York City.

A slow-motion clip from the red carpet was posted on Twitter on Sunday by film critic Christina Newland, who wrote in the caption: "I wish I had words for this but I really do not."

Her post has been retweeted more than 36,300 times, with many swooning over the smouldering chemistry between the pair and joking about their respective spouses.

Isaac's wife, Danish director-screenwriter Elvira Lind, was actually on the sidelines of the red carpet and also appeared to find the interaction hilarious.

In an interview with Reuters on Sunday, Chastain and Isaac described their close bond off set as "both a blessing and a curse" for their latest roles.

While there was an easy familiarity, the sex scenes were also awkward, according to Chastain, even though there was an intimacy coordinator on set.

She added: "I would still get embarrassed. Bourbon helped a lot."

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