Quan Yifeng broke down while watching Aloysius Pang's final film The Antique Shop

Quan Yifeng confessed that it was painful to even breathe when she saw the poster with his face on it. PHOTO: QUANYIFONG/INSTAGRAM

BANGKOK - Host Quan Yifeng could not hold back her tears during the Bangkok premiere of actor Aloysius Pang's posthumous film The Antique Shop on Wednesday (June 1).

In a lengthy Instagram post in Chinese, she wrote: "This movie contains regrets, as it is little brother Aloysius' final piece of work."

Pang was seriously injured while carrying out repairs during a live-firing exercise in New Zealand in January 2019, and later died. He was 28. Shortly before his death, he had filmed portions of the movie.

Quan, 48, confessed that it was painful to even breathe when she saw the poster with his face on it.

"When a staff member said, 'Take a photo with Aloy and his brother', I was overcome with mixed emotions," she said.

She continued: "It's been three years and it feels like you're still here. The you I saw on the screen is still so familiar, so serious, so near, yet so far."

Quan, who is good friends with host-DJ Dasmond Koh, 50, had flown to Bangkok to support the movie. Koh was Pang's mentor as well as his boss at management agency NoonTalk Media.

The supernatural movie also stars NoonTalk Media's Xu Bin, South Korean singer Bae Jin-young, Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto as well as Thai actors Phiravich Attachitsataporn and Chayapak Tunprayoon.

Quan added that she became engrossed in the storyline and was mesmerised by Pang's performance.

There was one particular line in the movie that moved her.

Without giving away the exact words, she said they echoed what Koh had said previously to Pang and they caused her to break down in tears.

She wrote: "I was overly emotional and I apologise."

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