Nas Daily creator breaks up with partner of six years

Nuseir Yassin (left), better known as the content creator behind Nas Daily, and his partner Alyne Tamir have called it quits. PHOTO: NAS DAILY/FACEBOOK

DUBAI – Nas Daily creator Nuseir Yassin has split up with his partner Alyne Tamir, better known online as Dear Alyne, after six years together.

The 31-year-old Palestinian-Israeli content creator, who has garnered millions of followers on social media with his one-minute daily videos, broke the news on Monday with an emotional video shared across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Together with his 32-year-old American-Israeli ex-girlfriend, he spoke about the reasons for the break-up in what he said was the longest video he had ever posted, at 13 minutes.

“At some point, I stopped taking her on dates. I focused all my energy on the videos and my company, assuming the relationship was fine. But it wasn’t fine,” he said.

He added that they “couldn’t agree on many fundamental things”, including whether to have kids or where to live.

They moved to Singapore in 2019, but later relocated to Dubai.

For her part, Tamir said, addressing Yassin: “I was not having my bids for attention responded to. I feel like you were going into your own world. And I was getting pushed out of that world.”

She said she did not feel like she was his priority, and they both said it was his focus on his work “that ended up destroying everything”.

However, they said they remain friends.

Yassin said: “I’m happy you entered my life. I really, really feel happy that I got a chance to meet you.”

She added: “I’m happy that we learnt and grew and accomplished so much together. I’m happy it’s finally time.”

The video also recapped their relationship – their meeting online through messaging; their first date, which lasted four days; visiting 70 countries together; meeting presidents; fostering 50 cats; and even getting fake-married twice.

Yassin addressed his followers in his caption: “You were with us during our lows and highs. You cheered for us. That’s why you also deserve to know about the end of our relationship.

“I hope this helps someone out there with their relationship. I hope they can avoid our mistakes before it’s too late.”

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