My Perfect Weekend with beatboxer Dharni Ng

Dharni Ng still go to bars and clubs as part of my work, but limit it nowadays. PHOTO: COURTESY OF DHARNI NG

Who: Beatboxer Dharni Ng, 35, won The Grand Beatbox Battle Championship in 2013 and 2014, making him the first participant to score consecutive victories. He is also the founder of the world's biggest beatbox educational event, SBX Camp, and the co-founder of NFT (non-fungible token) platform Tezarekt.

He will be performing at pop idol Jackson Wang's music showcase at Marquee Singapore nightclub on Saturday (Aug 6).

Ng lives with his wife, Singapore-based Polish influencer Weronika Heck, 31, in a rented condominium apartment in the east. They have no children.

"Because I don't have a normal job, I can choose my weekends. On my days off, I prefer to stay home and take it easy. My wife also likes to be home and have her me-time.

I used to go partying and clubbing more often, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. I still go to bars and clubs as part of my work, but I try to limit it nowadays. I'm a bit older now and married, so I don't have much reason to go clubbing anyway.

During my weekends, my wife and I love watching Korean dramas and anime on Netflix. I like being able to binge-watch them, which I can only really do on such days.

I'm enjoying Alchemy Of Souls and Ghost Doctor now. I like the humour and how the characters develop. I started watching K-dramas only recently - thanks to Squid Game. The genre is new to me, but refreshingly different from Western shows.

I also make time for fitness. I want to get fit like I was before. I got a bit lazy after getting married, but I'm trying to make it a lifestyle again. I feel a bit depressed when I see how fit I used to be in old photos.

So my wife and I just started spinning classes at X Fitness again after a break of a few months. It gets your heart rate going, burns a lot of calories, tones your muscles and raises your metabolism. But spinning alone won't help you build muscles, so I've started hitting the gym more regularly.

Dharni Ng also makes time for fitness as he wants to get fit before. PHOTO: COURTESY OF DHARNI NG

When I meet friends, I like to go to Ju95, a modern izakaya at Boat Quay. I will take any opportunity to hang out there - it just has such a great chill vibe.

I pitched the owner a Tezarekt project called the Random Cocktail Generator, which we launched recently. We will incorporate NFTs into this later, but for now, it's a just-for-fun thing.

People pay for their cocktail via PayNow and the machine gives them a random combination of ingredients, which the bartenders will then mix up.

Even the bartenders have been surprised by the combinations, but some interesting cocktails have come out of it."

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