My Perfect Weekend with actress-host Phyllis Quek

Phyllis Quek starts her Saturday mornings by taking an 8km walk to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. PHOTO: PHYLLIS QUEK

Who: For someone who turns 50 in August, actress-host Phyllis Quek easily looks two decades younger. And it is no wonder, considering her weekends are dedicated to maintaining her fitness and wellness.

The Artiste Networks artiste - who is married to an Australian businessman and has no children - also keeps herself busy with her YouTube talk-show series Careless Whispers. It is available at the YouTube channel of Artiste Networks’ affiliated company Hype Records and her Instagram.

She is filming the upcoming Channel 8 drama Soul Detective, in which she plays a kind, rich woman who loves her husband deeply - up until the "unexpected twists and turns towards the end".

"My perfect weekend is all about savouring the beautiful moments life can provide. Stay positive, be happy and relax because life is too short.

To get fresh air into my system, I start my Saturday mornings by taking an 8km walk to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

I admire the greenery and appreciate the sounds of nature - like the trees swaying as the wind rustles through the leaves and the birds chirping. It is definitely healing for me to be amid nature.

After my walk, I may hit the gym for some abdominal exercises and light stretches. To not let my efforts in the gym go to waste, I prepare quinoa with roasted vegetables and chicken breast for lunch.

To end my day, I catch up on movies and dramas on Netflix with my husband.

On Sundays, I enjoy swimming in the morning as it refreshes me.

I then pamper myself with a do-it-yourself spa at home, which includes a good body scrub, face mask and hair mask, followed by a body massage.

Even though I eat healthily on a daily basis, I have a weakness for cakes and chocolates. There are also times when I spoil myself with desserts. So I usually bake simple cakes or muffins to satisfy my sweet tooth and to share them with my relatives and friends.

I complete the day by spending time with my loved ones, especially my three nephews."

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