My Perfect Weekend: Family time for rapper Fariz Jabba

Fariz Jabba is one of the acts performing at the AL!VE VOL 6 concert at Capitol Theatre on Jan 30. PHOTO: IMC LIVE GLOBAL

Rapper and singer Fariz Jabba, 24, is known for works such as hip-hop track Ape Sia (2018) and R&B tune Masa (2019), which has clocked over 1.7 million and over 1.6 million views respectively on YouTube.

Signed to the regional wing of pioneering American hip-hop music label Def Jam, he is one of the acts performing at the AL!VE VOL 6 concert at Capitol Theatre on Saturday (Jan 30).

The live show, which will have up to 250 audience members, will also feature fellow hip-hop acts Mediocre Haircut Crew and TheLionCityBoy.

Fariz has two older siblings who are also in the entertainment industry - brother Fakkah Fuzz is a comedian and television host, and sister Farah Lola is a comedian and actress.

"My weekends are reserved for my family and close friends.

Usually on Sundays, I clean my room and house and set aside at least three hours to re-calibrate and recharge.

My brother, Fakkah Fuzz, will pick the siblings up and we'll find an activity to do or a new spot to eat and hang out at.

But chilling with my mum in her room, watching television, is just what I need sometimes.

A perfect day for me starts with waking at 10am. I enjoy an egg mayo croissant and manuka honey chai latte while watching a sitcom on Netflix.

Or I may go to the gym, catch up with a friend over a meal, and make music at night until the next morning. Now that's a good day."

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