Lydia Sum's daughter Joyce Cheng hopes to find a partner who can accept her like her mum

Joyce Cheng (left), daughter of the late comedienne Lydia Sum who died of liver cancer in 2008, commemorates her late mother in a social media post. PHOTO: JOYCE CHENG/INSTAGRAM

HONG KONG - Hong Kong singer Joyce Cheng still misses her late mother, Lydia Sum, and hopes to find a partner who can accept her like her mum.

The comedienne died on Feb 19, 2008 at 62 after losing her battle with liver cancer.

On Saturday (Feb 19), Cheng, 34, posted on social media a photo of herself when she was a child with her late mother, as she wrote in Cantonese: "Look how naughty I was. While going through the old photos, I found that I made funny faces in the photos I took from six to 13 years old."

She said she was very noisy, liked to run around and could not sit still when she was young, but would turn quiet when Sum shouted her name and looked at her sternly.

Cheng, whose father is Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng, added that her mother would punish her if she misbehaved, such as by being rude or telling a lie.

"The funniest thing was she would tell me not to cry even though I would do so after she beat me," recalled Joyce Cheng.

The singer would feel guilty when her mother later gave her a hug. Sum would then tell Cheng what she had done wrong, adding that she felt more pained than Cheng while beating her.

"I am 35 this year. You have left us for 14 years," Cheng wrote. "The older I am, the more I cherish the feeling of you always by my side."

Cheng, who is single, ended the post by saying that she hoped to find someone like her mother who would always be by her side and accept her, warts and all.

There have been media reports that Cheng would be able to inherit her mother's estate after turning 35 in May this year. But the singer laughed off such claims when asked about them in August last year, saying that such news would surface once in a while, with varying claims, and that she was numb to such reports.

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