Local singer Boon Hui Lu opens up about suffering from painful cysts for more than 10 years

Local singer-actress Boon Hui Lu revealed that she was diagnosed two years ago to be suffering from steatocystoma. PHOTO: BOONHUILU/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE – Local singer-actress Boon Hui Lu has opened up about suffering painful cysts on her face, back and stomach for more than 10 years.

In an Instagram post last Thursday, the 28-year-old shared that she broke down and could not stop crying after a surgery that day to remove 10 cysts from her stomach.

She also shared a graphic photo of the wound near her belly button with neat rows of stitches.

In her post, she revealed that she was diagnosed two years ago to be suffering from steatocystoma, a skin disorder characterised by the development of multiple non-cancerous benign cysts.

When the cysts become inflamed, she has to have surgery to remove them and clean the deep wounds. She added that she has “disgusting scars” all over her body and described the episodes as “nightmares”.

“I thought I was already very brave. I have been actively undergoing laser treatment for more than 10 years and tried my best to improve the appearance of the scars left by the disease,” she said. “I keep telling myself that it will definitely get better. But every time the cysts become inflamed, I can’t help but feel an infinite sense of frustration when I lie on the operating table.

“I don’t know when these tortures will end. How many scars and how much more pain do I still have to deal with,” she added.

However, Boon – a former child star who won a Star Award for Young Talent for her role in the drama Rhapsody In Blue (2006) – ended on a more positive note. “I just want to encourage my friends who are suffering from long-term illness or pain like me. We still can be grateful and think about beautiful things during the saddest and most desperate times. After being in the valley, the only direction left is to go up.”

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