Light The Night screenwriter hints at possible fourth season

The screenwriter of Taiwanese mystery drama Light The Night has hinted at a possible fourth season soon after the third was released on Netflix last Friday.

This was disclosed by Ryan Tu, who penned the series, at a press event for the movie My Best Friend's Breakfast last Saturday. He is also the writer and director of the romance movie, which stars singer Eric Chou and actress Moon Lee.

Tu told the media that a fourth season, or even a movie, for Light The Night is still at the planning stage. He said: "It is possible only after the script is written, so it is still uncertain for now."

He added that the actors and crew members of Light The Night were told not to discuss the story so viewers could enjoy the show without spoilers.

The hit series, whose first and second seasons aired in November and December respectively, chronicles the lives of hostesses of a Japanese nightclub in Taipei in the 1980s. A key character is murdered in the first season and the killer's identity is revealed in the third season.

Light The Night's leading actress Ruby Lin, who plays mamasan Rose and is a producer of the series, wrote on social media last Friday: "Please be careful when you go online so as to avoid seeing the spoilers."

Actress Cheryl Yang, who stars as nightclub owner Sue, wrote: "Please switch on the airplane mode of your phone."

Their co-star Yo Yang, who plays detective Pan Wen-cheng, wrote: "Please watch my video if you are over 18." This prompted Lin to ask: "Is it exciting?"

A secret between two characters played by actors Hsiu Chieh-kai and Wang Po-chieh is revealed in the third season.

Hsiu posted on social media two suggestive photos with Wang, with the caption: "Handsome, do you want to hitch a ride?"

Actress Alyssa Chia, Hsiu's real-life wife, responded jokingly: "Well, I have to grant your wish since both of you are so eye-catching."

Viewers who have watched the series have praised the performances of Lin and Cheryl Yang, with some saying they were possible Best Actress candidates at this year's Golden Bell Awards.

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