Late singer Anita Mui's brother claims nephew instigated his mum to disown him

Madam Tam Mei Kam, the mother of Hong Kong pop diva Anita Mui, with her elder son Mui Kai Ming in 2008. PHOTO: APPLE DAILY

HONG KONG - The elder brother of Hong Kong pop diva Anita Mui has accused his nephew of instigating their mother to disown him, as the Mui family spat simmers on.

In an interview with the Hong Kong media on Sunday (Feb 27), Mr Mui Kai Ming said he had recently spoken over the phone to his mother, who is currently in hospital and did not know about a notice announcing that she has severed ties with him.

The notice, which declared that Madam Tam Mei Kam, 98, has disowned Mr Mui, 70, appeared in Hong Kong newspapers earlier in February.

"My mum did say before that she wanted to sever ties with me, but she said it out of anger and did not go ahead," Mr Mui said.

He said he did a check and found out that Ms Cheng, his mother's personal assistant and caregiver, was behind the notice.

When he asked Ms Cheng about the matter, she said she had nothing to do with it and hinted that she was following the orders of his relatives.

He suspected that the notice was the idea of his nephew Mui Pak Leon, who has been visiting Madam Tam frequently in hospital with his girlfriend.

Mr Mui Kai Ming said he asked his nephew, who is in his 40s, about the notice, but the younger Mr Mui pointed to Ms Cheng instead.

Mr Mui Kai Ming said he has filed a police report over the matter as he hopes to get to the bottom of it.

He also suspected that it was his nephew who instigated his mother into not giving him his monthly allowance of HK$20,000 (S$3,800).

Madam Tam and Mr Mui Kai Ming's relationship began to sour late last year when he sued the production company behind the movie Anita (2021) for alleged trademark infringements.

The biopic of the Cantopop superstar featured model Louise Wong as Anita Mui, with actor Terrance Lau playing another late Cantopop legend, Leslie Cheung.

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Madam Tam accused her son of being obsessed with money and issued a statement to distance herself from the lawsuit.

She disclosed that she had cut her son off financially six months ago, after suspecting that he has a mistress, and threatened to disown him if he did not drop the lawsuit.

Mr Mui is Madam Tam's only surviving child. Her younger daughter, Anita Mui, died at 40 in December 2003 from cervical cancer.

Madam Tam's younger son Mui Tak Ming died of throat cancer at 62 in 2015, while her elder daughter Ann Mui died of cervical cancer at 40 in 2000.

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