K-pop star BamBam of Got7 admits to past crush on Twice’s Nayeon

BamBam admitted to a past crush on Nayeon during a recent episode of his show BamBam Home. PHOTOS: BAMBAM/INSTAGRAM, NAYEON/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL – K-pop star BamBam of popular boy band Got7 has admitted to a past crush on a fellow K-pop star: Nayeon from girl group Twice.

The 25-year-old Thai was hanging out with Nayeon’s bandmate, Jihyo, on a recent episode of BamBam Home. The Korean-language Web series is subtitled in English.

The duo reminisced about their long-time friendship, which began when they were both trainees at JYP Entertainment. This is the South Korean company that put together Got7 and Twice, along with other K-pop acts such as Stray Kids.

“Since my first day in (South) Korea, (Jihyo) has been a good friend,” said BamBam, whose full name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul. Though he grew up in Bangkok, he moved to South Korea after auditioning for JYP Entertainment as a teenager.

“We’ve been friends for 13 years since when we met. We were 14 years old,” added 26-year-old Jihyo, saying that BamBam was “like a family member”.

BamBam then admitted: “I think I talked with Nayeon more often (in our younger days)... I used to love Nayeon one-sidedly, remember?”

Jihyo, whose full name is Park Ji-hyo, looked briefly surprised in the video before declaring: “BamBam’s first love. You’re really hiding nothing... That’s cool, BamBam.”

During the programme, the pair ate Thai food and discussed their long careers in the K-pop industry, with BamBam telling Jihyo: “I think you’re the closest celebrity (friend) for me.”

BamBam is also said to be friends with his fellow Thai K-pop star, Lisa of Blackpink. They were both reportedly in the same dance crew We Zaa Cool in Thailand when they were pre-teens.

Youthful infatuation aside, BamBam seems to be happily single at the moment.

In January, he said of marriage on the South Korean television programme, Master In The House (2023): “We don’t have much free time for ourselves, and in the case of idols, we’re always in hotels. Because of that, I don’t want to have my life taken away from me by anyone from now on.

“I want to be really happy on my own, and I don’t want to live my life walking on eggshells around someone.”

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