K-pop girl group Solia disband just days after making their debut

Solia has possibly become the band with the shortest lifespan ever. PHOTO: SOLIA_OFFICIAL_/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL - K-pop girl group Solia made its debut last Tuesday (Aug 17) with a single called Dream.

Just five days later, the five-member group was history, becoming possibly the band with the shortest lifespan ever.

Solia announced on Instagram on Sunday that they were disbanding.

"It was such a short time, but I want to say thank you and sorry to the fans who supported us and loved us," the group wrote.

The post did not elaborate on the reasons for the band's demise, but hinted at a lack of funds as it said "the company can no longer lead our team Solia due to its circumstances".

Solia were managed by Space Music Entertainment, an agency which has launched other obscure groups.

The group ended the post by listing the Instagram accounts of Solia's five members and expressed hope that fans could still follow members on social media. Two of the members, Soree and Seona, also thanked fans on their own Instagram accounts.

Ironically, the dissolution has generated interest in the band, with their music video for Dream on their official YouTube channel attracting more than 632,000 views as at Tuesday afternoon.

Other short-lived K-pop bands include girl group Kiss&Cry, which launched in January 2014 but disbanded in September the same year, and boy group Demion, which debuted in September 2013 but disbanded a year later in October 2014.

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