JJ Lin back in Singapore for Chinese New Year

Singapore singer JJ Lin with his mum in a photo posted on social media on Feb 10, 2021.
Singapore singer JJ Lin with his mum in a photo posted on social media on Feb 10, 2021.PHOTO: JJ LIN/INSTAGRAM

Family and food were at the top of home-grown singer JJ Lin's mind when he returned home last week for Chinese New Year.

The Taiwan-based singer, 39, has been posting photos of family time with his parents, as well as the local delights he has been feasting on.

As there is no need for those coming from Taiwan to serve a Stay Home Notice, he was tested for Covid-19 and, once he got the negative result, he was able to dig into his first meal of local food.

He went for nasi biryani as he said it was a dish he could not really find overseas. Then, to work off the calories, he went cycling with his family.

He posted photos on Instagram of a bike outing to Marina Bay last Sunday (Feb 7), saying: "Biking day with the fam! Being back in Singapore, of course I must spend time with my family and do some exercise."

As he had been away for most of 2020, he is relishing the time with his mum, whom he is very close to. She had previously appeared in heartwarming Instagram posts and his fans had missed seeing her in the past year.

Earlier this week, he posted a photo of her handmade sushi with the hashtags #beyondmichelinstars and #goodtobehome.

He also cooked for her, making what he called "my return DIY meal for Mum, 'JJ's Steak'".

In a photo with her posted on Wednesday (Feb 10), mother and son posed with a succulent slab of meat which looked perfectly medium-rare.

He wrote: "After a year of training, the new year is a chance for me to show off. It is my turn to cook steak for mum."

It appears that he will be flying back to Taiwan soon after the Chinese New Year, so he has to be savouring every single minute in Singapore now.