Jay Chou posts photo of arm on a drip, suspects panic attack or heart problem

Jay Chou has not commented further on this latest health scare. PHOTOS: JAYCHOU/INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI - Taiwanese singer Jay Chou caused his fans on Instagram much alarm on Thursday (April 7) afternoon when he posted a photo of his arm on an intravenous drip.

He did not reveal much in his short caption, which read: "Not sure if it was a panic attack or an issue with the heart, which caused breathing problems and numbness of the arm."

The 43-year-old father of two, who is expecting a third child with wife Hannah Quinlivan, then posed a question to his 7.1 million followers: "Any doctors here who can give me some advice?"

Within an hour of posting the photo, it had more than 72,000 likes and 3,500 concerned comments.

Among the well-wishers in the comment section were his celebrity pals, such as Singaporean singer JJ Lin and Taiwanese singer-actor Prince Chiu.

While Chou is known to suffer from ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory disease that causes some bones in the spine to fuse, he has not commented further on this latest health scare.

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