J-drama actress Yui Aragaki and singer Gen Hoshino to wed

Yui Aragaki (left) and Gen Hoshino on the set of the 2021 New Year's special of We Got Married As A Job. PHOTO: NIGEHAJIGRAM/INSTAGRAM
They played the leads as a couple in the hugely successful series. PHOTO: NIGEHAJIGRAM/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Popular Japanese actress Yui Aragaki and Japanese singer-actor Gen Hoshino announced on Wednesday (May 19) that they are getting married.

In a joint release sent to Japanese media, the couple said: "From here on, we hope to support each other and build a fulfilling life together."

The A-list couple were the leads on the drama We Married As A Job (2016), which also filmed a New Year's special that aired earlier this year (2021). They played a couple in the hugely successful series, which was popular in the region.

Hoshino, a multi-hyphenate known for his acting, singing and writing, said in a letter posted on social media: "The last time I made such a public announcement was when I had to suspend my entertainment activities due to my bad health. To be able to share such happy news to those who worried about me then, and those who have supported me to this day - I am filled with gratitude."

One of the most popular J-pop singers, the 40-year-old temporarily put his career on hold in 2012 due to bleeding in his brain. He is known for songs such as Koi, the theme song of We Got Married As A Job, which went viral in Japan when it was released.

Aragaki, 32, rose to prominence in the tragic romance film Koizora (2007) and has since become one of the best-loved Japanese actresses, starring in series such as Legal High (2012 to 2013). She even earned the moniker of "The Nation's Wife" among fans in China.

She said in an announcement on her official fan-club page: "I've been in this industry since my teenage years thanks to the support of so many people. Filming on set is an exciting life filled with trial and error and so I've always hoped for a quiet private life. Still the day has come for me to announce something in my personal life."

Aragaki has left her management agency LesPros Entertainment and will continue her entertainment activities in her own capacity.

The news came as a surprise to the Japanese entertainment industry, as the A-list couple have largely kept their relationship under wraps. Aragaki, in particular, is known for keeping a tight lid on her private life.

According to Aragaki's representatives, the two reconnected and began dating seriously after filming the New Year's special of We Got Married As A Job.

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