Is that Emily in Pasir Ris, Potong Pasir and Perlis? Netflix show Emily in Paris spawns memes

Emily from the Netflix series Emily in Paris has been Photoshopped in glamorous outfits at noteworthy spots such as Pasir Ris. PHOTO: @AFIQLATTIF/TWITTER

SINGAPORE - Is that Emily in Pasir Ris, taking a selfie on the MRT platform?

From Pasir Ris and Potong Pasir, to Perlis, Emily from the Netflix series Emily in Paris is making a Singapore-Malaysia tour of similarly named destinations - thanks to some clever Photoshop.

Local humour site SGAG, Twitter and Reddit users, and even politician Jose Raymond have shared images of the character - played by American actress Lily Collins - in various states of selfie-taking and glamorous outfits at noteworthy spots in these areas.

In the series, which premiered Oct 2, 20-something year old American Emily Cooper moves to the romantic French capital to pursue a career in a luxury marketing firm.

Instead of cobblestones and chic cafes, however, Emily makes a stop at a bus interchange in Pasir Ris in a green Chanel tweed jacket, as well as a warung, or roadside stall, in the North-western Malaysian state of Perlis.

In one image, shared by Mr Raymond on his Facebook page, the titular character is spotted checking her phone at a covered walkway in the Potong Pasir neighbourhood, where he ran for the General Election earlier this year.

The show, by Sex In The City creator Darren Star, has drawn much ridicule for its depiction of the French city and its inhabitants. Yet, it has quickly become a hit worldwide. As of Monday evening (Oct 19), it is No.3 on the Top 10 in Singapore Netflix daily chart.

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