Is Angelababy hinting on social media that her husband Huang Xiaoming is cheating on her?

The couple have been dogged by rumours of divorce in recent years. PHOTO: ANGELABABY/INSTAGRAM

Chinese actress Angelababy, whose marriage has been a subject of constant speculation, has added fuel to the fire with her recent post on social media.

Late on Wednesday (March 3), Angelababy, who just turned 32 on Feb 28, posted on Instagram two photos of paintings with the caption: "Pink mood".

The first painting was of a woman in a wedding gown, while the second one featured the illustrations of a boy and girl.

In the second painting, the girl asked: "Are you cheating on me?"

The boy replied: "No, I'm not."

There were two sentences on the painting, which read: "The truth is not important. Happy Valentine's Day."

Her post sparked reactions from her followers, who asked if she was referring to her marriage to actor Huang Xiaoming, 43.

The couple have been dogged by rumours of divorce in recent years, due in part to the lack of interaction between them in public.

Angelababy then replied to her fans, saying: "I shared the paintings as I felt they were nice. There is no need to over-interpret them."

In a painting posted by Angelababy on Instagram, a woman asks: "Are you cheating on me?" PHOTO: ANGELABABY/INSTAGRAM

However, there were netizens who commented that she and Huang should come clean if they have divorced.

Angelababy deleted the post early on Thursday and posted another photo believed to be a piece of artwork by her four-year-old son.

The celebrity couple sparked rumours earlier in the week when there was no interaction between them when they attended Weibo Night on Feb 28.

She also did not react to Huang on social media after he wished her a happy birthday without addressing her.

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