Influencer Naomi Neo responds to flak over TikTok clip of son being pranked with ghost filter

Influencer Naomi Neo has come under fire for a TikTok prank in which she locks her son in the room with a ghost filter. PHOTOS: NAOMI NEO/TIKTOK

SINGAPORE - Local influencer Naomi Neo has clapped back at netizens who criticised her parenting skills over a TikTok video she shared on Aug 11 of her son.

In the clip, which has since gone viral with more than 23.1 million views, Neo and her husband are seen pranking four-year-old Kyzo with a ghost filter that has been trending on social media.

The couple leave him in front of the phone, then bolt from the room when a terrifying ghost filter appears on screen.

The boy then tries to escape from the room in a panic but is unable to open the door, and starts crying.

Neo, 26, who has 1.6 million followers on TikTok, came under fire for using her child for TikTok views and causing him trauma.

She responded with another clip on Monday (Aug 15), writing: "Appreciate the advice, but let's not tell a mom/dad what works best for their kids."

Kyzo is seen in the second video playing with the filter with Neo and appearing to have fun.

"I would never do anything to deliberately hurt my own child(ren)," adds the mother of two, who also has a one-year-old daughter, Zyla Rey. "For us, it's about having fun with guidance."

This is not the first time Neo has come under fire for her TikTok pranks involving Kyzo.

In April, she filmed a clip in which she pretended she could not see him as he was invisible, which saw him in tears by the end.

A month before that, she hid in the back of the car while her husband picked Kyzo up from preschool. When the boy realised his mum was not around, he became distraught and tearful. The clip, one of Neo's top videos, racked up more than 54.1 million views.


Appreciate the advice, but let’s not tell a mom/dad what works best for their kids.

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♬ suara kuntilanak - solehudin1294

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