HK actress Cecilia Cheung: It's not pregnancy, it's cream puffs

Cecilia Cheung (left) revealed in an interview with singer Jike Junyi that she has no plans for a fourth child. PHOTO: JIKE JUNYI/WEIBO

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, who has pooh-poohed rumours that she is pregnant with a fourth child, has implied her weight gain is due instead to her big appetite.

The actress, 40, revealed this in an interview with Chinese singer Jike Junyi, who was her fellow contestant in the second season of Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves.

In the video interview, posted recently on Jike's Weibo account, the 32-year-old singer said Cheung was on a diet on the show during the day, when she would eat only salad.

However, Jike added, she once went to Cheung's room at night and found her cooking two packets of luosifen, a pungent snail-based rice noodle soup.

Cheung then revealed she ate two more fried eggs and six cream puffs, each the size of a fist, per day before sleeping.

She added that another contestant, Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang, also joined in her feast. Cheung also admitted she gained weight while taking part in Sisters Who Make Waves.

Cheung's figure in various public photos earlier sparked baby rumours, with some doctors even guessing that she was at least 30 weeks into her pregnancy.

The King Of Comedy (1999) actress then took to social media to refute the rumours by doing a handstand and saying she had just taken part in a marathon in Sanya city in Hainan province.

She also said in a recent variety show that she has no plans for a fourth child, as she is no longer young and is satisfied with her three children.

Cheung has two sons, aged 13 and 10, with her ex-husband, singer-actor Nicholas Tse, and a two-year-old son whose father's identity she did not disclose to the public.

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