HK actor Gallen Lo sparks speculation with visit to cancer centre

Gallen Lo said he does not have cancer and that he goes for health screening regularly. PHOTO: GALLEN LO/WEIBO

Hong Kong actor Gallen Lo has sparked speculation that he is unwell after he was recently spotted at a cancer centre in the territory.

The 57-year-old, who wed Chinese actress Su Yan in 2009, is based in Beijing. They have a seven-year-old daughter and he has a 20-year-old son from a previous marriage.

Known for TVB serials such as Old Time Buddy (1997), Secret Of The Heart (1998) and Golden Faith (2002), Lo was seen entering the centre at about 9am and left about three hours later.

According to Oriental Daily News (ODN), it was unlikely to be his first trip there as there were claims previously that he had been there a few times, usually in the morning when there are fewer visitors.

On the day he was spotted by ODN, he went to an open-air cafe with his chauffeur after leaving the centre.

Lo, a known smoker, ordered a bowl of noodles before stepping aside for a smoke. He was seen taking two puffs before he stopped smoking.

ODN noted that he took only a few bites of his noodles and that he looked thin when he took off his jacket.

The three-time TVB Best Actor winner told the newspaper he was visiting a friend at the cancer centre, and that he also took a nucleic acid test and consulted the doctor.

He said he does not have cancer and that he goes for health screening regularly. There was a false rumour previously that he was suffering from liver cancer.

The actor added that he was in Hong Kong to handle some matters and visit his son, who has since returned to Canada.

He is currently serving a 14-day quarantine in Shenzhen, China, and will go to Yangzhou in Jiangsu province for filming after that.

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