Former J-idol Momoe Yamaguchi to become a grandmother next year

(From left) Momoe Yamaguchi, her son, singer Yutaro Miura, and his wife, voice actress and singer Yui Makino. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE

TOKYO - Former Japanese idol Momoe Yamaguchi, who was a big star during the 1970s, is set to be a grandmother after her son and daughter-in-law announced the latter's pregnancy on social media on Wednesday (Oct 13).

Yamaguchi's daughter-in-law, voice actress and singer Yui Makino, wrote in Japanese on Instagram: "Our child is due to be born in March next year, as my pregnancy enters a stable period... I appreciate my manager and the people of my agency for their care and adjustments.... And if health permits, I hope to complete the work at hand."

Her husband, singer Yutaro Miura, also confirmed the news on Twitter on the same day.

Miura, 37, and Makino, 35, married in June 2020.

Makino, who is also a pianist, is best known for her work in anime series such as Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (2005 and 2006), where she voiced the leading character Sakura, and Wish Upon The Pleiades (2015). She has also performed theme songs for several anime series.

Miura, an independent singer, debuted in 2008 as the vocalist for rock band Peaky Salt before the band went on hiatus in 2011.

He is the elder son of Yamaguchi, 62, a former popular singer and actress who was known for playing the pitiful girl in Japanese television series and films in the late 1970s.

Her credits include movie Shunkinsho (1976), in which she played a blind music teacher; and TV series Akai Meiro (1974 to 1975), the first of the so-called Akai series in which she starred with actor Ken Utsui as daughter and father.

She is also one of the most successful singers in Japanese pop music, releasing more than 30 singles, including several No. 1 hits, and over 20 studio albums.

She retired at the peak of her career when she was only 21 to marry her regular on-screen lover, Tomokazu Miura, in 1980. The 69-year-old actor recently appeared in the Chinese movie Detective Chinatown 3 (2021).

They have another son, actor Takahiro Miura, 35.

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