Former AOA's Mina says Jimin bullied three others, including one who had died

Jimin (right) left AOA last July after explosive allegations of bullying from Mina. PHOTOS: OFFICIAL_TEAM_AOA/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL - Former AOA member Mina has revealed that she is one of four alleged victims of Jimin, who left the girl group last year and retired from show business.

In a series of rambling and lengthy Instagram posts on Monday (Sept 6), Mina, 27, wrote: "There is evidence (to support the fact that Jimin was a bully). There are several victims. I just happened to be the last standing one. I've been keeping this for a lawsuit but there are four victims including myself and one of them has already passed."

Jimin, 30, left AOA last July after explosive allegations of bullying from Mina, who claimed that the group's leader had bullied her for a decade. At the time, Mina also posted a photo of her scarred wrist, reportedly proof that she had attempted suicide due to the bullying.

Two months ago, Mina again attempted to take her life after she was embroiled in a cheating controversy when she was the third party in a relationship.

Last week, Mina appeared on YouTube channel JumJumTV's Blessed Show to clarify that only one of the eight members in the group had bullied her. There are currently only three members left.

Mina said: "I just wanted to be a celebrity and this was the first time I was a trainee so I thought it was normal. I thought she was just 'playing bully' but then I slowly realised this one person would only pick on me."

She alleged that Jimin not only verbally abused her but also punched her.

On the show, Mina also claimed she was sexually assaulted by a male student during her first year of middle school when she would have been about 12 or 13.

"I was hit for more than four hours with a beer bottle. I got hit all over my body except for my face. That would have been fine, but there was rape and injury. The statute of limitations is until 2021 and I honestly don't expect anything to happen. He's now married with three children."

The police in Busan, where she is from, is currently investigating the case.

The troubled star also disabled her Instagram account on Tuesday (Sept 7), after posting photos of her smoking in a hotel room with her new boyfriend.

She had come under fire from netizens as it was later discovered that the hotel had a no-smoking policy in its rooms.


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