Film & TV Picks: Zhang Yimou's Cliff Walkers, K-drama Taxi Driver, Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Still from the film Cliff Walkers starring Yu Hewei. PHOTO: GOLDEN VILLAGE

Cliff Walkers (NC16)

120 minutes, now showing

Chinese auteur Zhang Yimou's latest film is a spy thriller featuring an ensemble cast of Chinese stars including Zhang Yi and Qin Hailu.

Set in 1930s Manchukuo, a region under the thumb of Japan, four Chinese Communist Party special agents embark on a secret mission but find themselves immediately ambushed. They realise there is a traitor among their ranks.

A twisty cat-and-mouse game ensues as the agents figure out where their peers' loyalties lie.

The movie, which came in second during the Labour Day box office opening weekend in China, has a score of 7.7 on Chinese audience review site Douban.

Taxi Driver (M18)

Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver. PHOTO: VIU

Available on Viu

What looks to be a deluxe cab service is actually a revenge-for-hire operation in South Korean thriller Taxi Driver, starring Lee Je-hoon (Signal, 2016) and Esom (Because This Is My First Life, 2017).

Lee plays taxi driver Kim Do-ki, whose day job is a cover for his actual occupation - a weapon of revenge for people who seek vigilante justice.

Unflinching scenes of violence accompany the plot.

The first episode starts with Do-ki picking up an infamous sex offender who is released from prison. But instead of driving him home, he fights and injures his passenger before sending him to a ruthless mob boss to get his dues.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch

A still from Star Wars:The Bad Batch. PHOTO: LUCASFILM

Available on Disney+

Much to the delight of fans, Disney+ released the new animated series on Star Wars Day on May 4, which is celebrated annually by fans of the movie franchise.

It follows an elite and experimental group of clones in the Bad Batch, who were first introduced in The Clone Wars (2008 to 2020) but vary genetically from their peers in the Clone Army.

The Bad Batch have to navigate the galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone War. Armed with unique and exceptional skills, they become mercenaries, taking on dangerous missions to stay afloat and find meaning in their own lives.

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