Ex-host Sharon Au quits job after her Paris home is burgled, re-evaluates her life there

Sharon Au moved to the City of Love in 2018 and had been working as an investment director in a private equity firm. PHOTO: SHARON AU/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Sharon Au's dream life in Paris recently turned into a nightmare when her apartment was broken into on April 30.

The former actress-host moved to the City of Love in 2018 and had been working as an investment director in a private equity firm.

But she told The Straits Times that she resigned from her position after the burglary and is currently not working or looking for a new job.

Au, 46, says: "I think I need to heal first and re-evaluate life here in France."

On May 11 (Wednesday), she posted on Instagram: "They took everything I love. I have nothing now. But I have (my pet cat) Rudon. He was alone in the apartment and witnessed everything. Today he is still traumatised by the invasion. Even the slightest sound startles him.

"I thank God that he is safe, unhurt and did not run away. He waited for me to come home."

She added: "Took me 11 days to pen this note, without crying. Starting from zero. Again. This is life."

Au also posted an Instagram story featuring what appears to be a police officer - in a uniform sporting the French words "identite judiciaire" (forensic services) - conducting investigations inside her apartment, while her cat looks on.

When ST asked Au for more information about the extent of the housebreaking and its aftermath, she declined to elaborate and apologised that she is “not well enough yet at this point” to reveal more.

Sharon Au's apartment in Paris was broken into on April 30. PHOTO: SHARON AU/INSTAGRAM

This is not Au's first brush with burglary in Paris - but her reaction back then was vastly different.

In 2018, the Airbnb home that she rented was broken into when she wasn't in. Her backpack and laptop were stolen, but not her cash.

She told entertainment news outlet 8 Days in an interview that year: "I was very calm when I found out. Instead, my landlord was a lot more upset and she was very apologetic about it.

"I just told myself, 'Okay, this is Paris'."

Since then, Au said she has learnt to heighten her sense of alertness and urgency.

She said in that 2018 interview: "For example, when I'm on the train, I don't use my phone because it will be snatched away.

"When I drive, I don't leave things in my car.

"When I'm home, I lock my things up as breaking in is very easy.

"All these are just part and parcel of having a beautiful experience living in Paris."

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