Christopher Lee missed son's first day of school, but was sure wife Fann Wong could handle it solo

Christopher Lee left all of Zed's preparation for Primary 1 to Fann Wong. PHOTO: AIAINBABY/INSTAGRAM

Many proud parents have been posting photos of their child's first day of school on Monday (Jan 4), but Christopher Lee had to miss that milestone for his only child Zed.

The 49-year-old actor has been filming a drama serial, Pursuers, in Taiwan for the past three months, but said he was sure that his wife Fann Wong, 49, could handle the task solo.

In a phone interview with Lianhe Wanbao on Monday, he also expressed confidence in his son's ability to adapt to a new school.

"He has been looking forward to it since the middle of last year and has asked us many questions about school," he said.

"However, as parents, we still worried if he knew how to take care of himself in school, if he knew how to buy food, if he could get along with his classmates," he added. "But this is part of the process of growing up and he has to figure these things out for himself."

He did get his wife to do a live stream of the first day of school, so that he could still be a part of it from afar.

He also comforted himself with the fact that only one parent was allowed to be present anyway owing to safe distancing measures.

While he did not reveal which school his son is in due to privacy concerns, he stated that he believes in Singapore's education system and that choosing a school was not a hard decision.

He said he left all the preparations for Primary 1, such as getting uniforms and books ready, to his able wife. "She can definitely handle everything. She does it when I'm not around."

The couple, who married in 2009, celebrated their 11th anniversary in October last year and dedicated romantic posts to one another on Instagram.

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