Chinese singers Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen admit to having a child together

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen have been rumoured in the past to be dating, but have never admitted to being a couple. PHOTOS: HUA CHENYU/WEIBO, ZHANG BICHEN/WEIBO

The Chinese entertainment industry was rocked by yet another child scandal after Chinese singers Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen admitted they have a daughter together.

The revelation came days after Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was accused by her ex-boyfriend last week of abandoning two surrogate babies they had together in the United States.

The latest saga began when a Chinese netizen disclosed in a forum last Thursday (Jan 21) that a top Chinese artiste with more than 30 million followers on his Weibo account had just registered the household for his one-year-old child.

The netizen added that the child's mother is also from the entertainment industry.

Other netizens tried to uncover the identity of the male artiste, but several Chinese male artistes fit the criteria of having more than 30 million followers on their Weibo accounts.

Hua and Zhang were later named by a netizen, who said he learnt the news from a friend who was working in a hospital a year ago. Other netizens also chimed in to say they had observed the two singers holding hands or interacting closely on a variety show.

Hua, 30, and Zhang, 31, have been rumoured in the past to be dating, but have never admitted to being a couple. The two singers reportedly met on the reality singing contest Be The Idol in 2015, although other reports said they knew each other even earlier.

On Friday evening, Hua, a former winner of the Super Boy singing contest in 2013, finally revealed in a short statement on Weibo that he and Zhang do indeed have a child.

Zhang, a former member of K-pop girl group Sunny Days, wrote a longer post on Weibo a few minutes later, detailing the whole affair.

She admitted that she used to date Hua, referring to him by his nickname "Hua Hua" in the post.

"I was shocked when I discovered that I was pregnant in the autumn of 2018," she said.

"I panicked at that time and didn't know what to do, as being married and having children was not in my plan, at least not for a few a years."

She eventually made the decision to have the baby, but she did not know what to say to Hua, nor how he would react to the news.

"I chose to leave him and did not tell him the reasons, only telling him not to contact me in future," she continued. "For a long time, I did not answer his call and did not reply to him on WeChat, as we lost contact gradually as he could not find me."

She then gave birth to a baby girl.

"As the child grows up, I realised I have made an irrational decision by depriving my daughter of the right to have a father and Hua the option of being a father," she said.

She recounted how she told Hua the truth and witnessed the joy in his eyes when he saw his daughter for the first time.

"He told me that he was sorry he was not with me during my pregnancy and said we should give the child a complete household registration," Zhang said.

Zhang said that her daughter is now healthy, smart and loved by both her parents and grandparents on both sides.

She said she kept the news of her daughter from the public to protect the child and hopes she can grow up in a peaceful and happy environment.

In another post on Weibo a few minutes later, Hua said the news must have been unexpected for his fans and asked for their understanding.

His agency said in a statement that he is currently single, but will raise the child together with Zhang even though they are not married.

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