Actress Park Hye-su claims she was the victim, not the bully

South Korean actress Park Hye-su detailed bullying incidents such as having her lunch tray flipped on her to dirty her uniform. PHOTO: HYESUUUUUYA/ INSTAGRAM

South Korean actress Park Hye-su, 26, who was last month accused of being a school bully by two former classmates, claims she was the victim instead.

On Sunday, she posted two long messages on Instagram, opening up about moving back to South Korea from the United States and starting at a new school in 2008.

"Rumours such as I went to the United States for an abortion or that I had to repeat a class for my bad behaviour in my old neighbourhood started to follow me as if those were true," she wrote.

She detailed bullying incidents such as having her lunch tray flipped on her to dirty her uniform, being pushed around the hallways and threatened with violence.

"Every morning, I would wake up to texts with curses and sexual harassment, although I only shared my number with two to three people. I remember checking my phone as soon as I woke up with my racing heart and crying silently so that my parents wouldn't notice," she said, adding that she had three years of therapy to try to heal.

South Korean entertainment news portal Dispatch attempted to recover old text messages between Park and her accusers, who alleged that she had verbally and physically abused them.

However, the text messages appeared to reveal that they were friendly.

Park also said that they had buried the hatchet and even became friends in their third year of middle school, although they had since drifted apart.

After the bullying allegations came to light, Park's upcoming K-drama Dear.M was postponed indefinitely.

She also wrote: "I want to ask the person who keeps spreading unreliable lies about me to ruin me - why did you have to go this far and what do you gain from this? Despite all these actions to make me shatter and fall, I will not be shaken and I will reveal the truth no matter how long it takes."

However, in response to her statement, one of her alleged victims then posted just two words on Instagram Story: "Victim cosplay."

In recent weeks, the South Korean entertainment industry has been rocked by a wave of bullying allegations against celebrities. Just last week, actor Ji Soo, 27, apologised for his misconduct in school and was removed from period drama River Where the Moon Rises.

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