Actress Julie Tan slams critics who made fun of her body in bikini

Crass comments about her body on both Instagram and Tiktok have prompted Julie Tan to hit back. PHOTO: JULIE TAN/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Actress Julie Tan, who is in the Maldives for her 29th birthday, has been posting photos and videos of her resort and her diving trips, including some with her in a bikini.

However, crass comments about her body on both Instagram and Tiktok have prompted her to hit back.

"I've had many haters make snide remarks about my body, flat chest, airport yada yada. One more comment won't make no difference. Bring it," she wrote in the Instagram caption of a photo of her in a blue bikini.

Among the snarky comments were those which compared her chest to Changi Airport's runway.

"To all the insecure guys commenting about my body, I pity the women in your life. Past, present and future," she wrote in a comment.

The outspoken actress had previously opened up about considering a boob job when she was 17, but did not do it due to her low pain threshold.

She has since grown to embrace her body and the concept of self-love.

Clapping back at the haters in another post a couple of days later, she shared a TikTok video of her dancing in a toga bikini top with the caption: "Say what you like about my body. It's just a reflection of who you are. I love my body so boo."

The star of That Girl In Pinafore (2013), who is also a video game streamer, hashtagged her post with #saynotobodyshaming.

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