Actor Chen Xi has a new side hustle selling kitty litter

Clump A Dump has cute packaging and marketing materials designed by Chen Xi. PHOTOS: CHXNXI/INSTAGRAM, CLUMPADUMP/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE – Actor Chen Xi, who also dabbles in selling art prints and conducts art workshops, has a new side hustle – selling kitty litter.

The cat lover’s family – dad is former actor Edmund Chen, mum is veteran actress Xiang Yun and younger sister is actress Chen Yixin – has two kitties at home, and he also takes on cat-related illustration commissions.

So his new business does not stray too far from his interests.

Clump A Dump is a soya-based, sustainable and odour-free kitty litter, according to its website, and has cute packaging and marketing materials designed by Chen Xi, featuring a cat with poop above its head.

In an interview with entertainment portal 8days, the 31-year-old revealed that the brand was started in 2020 by Ms Aileen Koh, co-founder of The Cat Vet and local cafe Tiramisu Hero, and he had been a long-time customer.

They decided to team up for the product to reach more people, although he did not divulge how much he invested in the business.

“I’m not looking at this like it’s a cash grab, raking in the big bucks kinda thing. It’s really a service here for the cat people because (our profit margin) is really minimal,” he said, adding that he also does some of the deliveries himself.

“This really came about because I didn’t want people to start having asthma or health issues from their cat litter. The most important is that it’s non-toxic, so you know that your house is safe.”

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