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Extraordinary Attorney Woo starring Kang Tae-oh (left) and Park Eun-bin (right). ENA

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If you’re new to our podcast offerings, here’s a recap of the best of our shows that cover pop culture, books and sports. We recommend the episode on Extraordinary Attorney Woo if you’re also new to the Korean pop culture wave sweeping the world.

Top 3 #PopVultures episodes of 2022:

1. Why do Chinese netizens hate Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy?

#PopVultures host Jan Lee dives into the news of Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and his divorce from model-actress Angelababy. Jan discusses the beginnings of their extremely public romance, their image as a couple and why they are both individually two of the celebrities Chinese netizens love to hate the most.

2. The disturbing ‘memeification’ of Johnny Depp-Amber Heard’s trial

The defamation suit between former Hollywood couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have put the ugly details of their marriage out for public scrutiny. The two stars were married briefly from 2015 to 2016, after dating for several years. #PopVultures host Jan Lee gives her thoughts on why the public reaction to the trial has been deeply troubling and how the whole saga has been mired with backlash over the #MeToo movement. 

3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo and the nuances of stories about minority groups

#PopVultures host Jan Lee talks about the most popular K-drama of late -Extraordinary Attorney Woo - and the well-received local Channel 8 series Your World In Mine. Both shows feature protagonists who are neurodivergent. Jan discusses why both shows have become such hits and the limitations of media in portraying autism and intellectual disabilities. 

Top 3 Bookmark This! episodes:

1. Lurkers and lingering spirits in Sandi Tan and Zen Cho’s new novels

In this episode of this literary podcast, The Straits Times journalists Olivia Ho and Toh Wen Li look at two new genre-bending novels that mix horror and humour, Lurkers by Singapore-born film-maker Sandi Tan and Black Water Sister by Malaysian author Zen Cho.

2. The worlds of Sally Rooney and Anne Carson

In this episode of this literary podcast, The Straits Times journalists Olivia Ho and Toh Wen Li talk about new and old in the latest works by Sally Rooney and Anne Carson, from the millennial crisis of Beautiful World, Where Are You to the reworking of Greek myth in H Of H Playbook.

3. Walking with Jhumpa Lahiri, Andre Aciman and Natsuko Imamura

In this episode, The Straits Times journalists Olivia Ho and Toh Wen Li look at three meditative new books about walking in cities and the passage of time; Homo Irrealis by Andre Aciman, Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri, and The Woman In The Purple Skirt by Natsuko Imamura.

Top 2 ST Sports Talk episodes of 2022:

1. Teong Tzen Wei’s rise from ‘Old Chang Kee boy’ to swim star

In this episode, ST sports correspondent Sazali Abdul Aziz chats with national swimmer Teong Tzen Wei about his milestones in the pool.

2. National tennis player Shaheed Alam on sharing a court with Grand Slam champ Raducanu

National tennis player Shaheed Alam, who had the chance to hit with Raducanu during her time in Singapore, talks about the experience of sharing a court with the game’s top stars, his takeaways from the Australian Open, the ‘New Big Three’ of tennis, and what lies ahead in 2022 for him.

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