My Perfect Weekend: Food, family and exercise for carnatic singer Sushma Soma

Sushma Soma received the National Arts Council's Young Artist Award in 2020. PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

For carnatic vocalist Sushma Soma, 33, who received the National Arts Council's Young Artist Award last year, weekends are about recharging with exercise, food and family time. She is currently in Los Angeles working on a new album.

My perfect weekend usually begins with a long walk at my park connector or long-distance cycling - in anticipation of my food indulgences later in the day.

Then I listen to yesteryear concerts by Carnatic legends for about an hour after breakfast. This is the best inspiration for me before I sit for my music practice, which takes up my mornings.

I usually order in or eat out on weekends and I try different vegan places around the town as my small way of supporting vegan businesses here.

VeganBurg is a favourite I keep going back to if I don't find a new place. I am also partial towards Prive bakes and desserts. They're delicious.

In the evenings, I take our neighbour's dog, Raine, for long walks and visit my family with her. Given my travel schedule, I have not been able to have my own dog so I'm grateful my lovely neighbours let us 'kidnap' Raine ever so often.

But this usual routine has taken a turn as I am in Los Angeles for the next few months to work with my musician friends on my next project titled You And Me, Us, a musical exploration of Man's relationship with nature.

Apart from my usual playlist, I've been tasked to consciously listen to music I would not naturally gravitate towards (ranging from alternative rock to experimental) so as to explore different musical probabilities for the project.

Given that LA is under strict lockdown now as the number of Covid-19 cases has risen, I make do with a workout in the backyard with hummingbirds for company.

In the evenings, my friends and I have a mini picnic in the backyard to wind down and reflect on our week with cocktails and indulgent food.

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