What readers are talking about this week

With the dawn of a new year, the future of Singapore post-SG50 was on the minds of many readers. They ruminated over how Singapore could stay ahead of the global competition and ride the challenges to come. Some talked about how mindsets had to change and how people would have to be trained to be more creative and to take more risks.

The Singapore Business Federation's suggestion of using Central Provident Fund (CPF) money to prop up the local stock market and the possibility of teachers having to pay for parking in school saw opposition from many readers. They felt that it would be irresponsible to use CPF money to liven up the stock market, saying that these funds are meant to finance retirement and should not be taking risks on the stock market. Many readers appreciated the hard work of teachers and saw free parking in schools as the least that could be done for teachers; they said the Government should not begrudge teachers this small "perk". Some also said that school carparks could not be compared with that of the rest of the civil service, as the latter is usually housed in commercial buildings and sees higher public traffic, and hence, demand, than schools.

Here are some of these letters:

Strong planning culture needed post-SG50

Openness to experience key to creative success

When urging students to take risks is a 'risk'

Cultivate youth entrepreneurship

Brave, novel growth plans, but some caution needed

SBF's CPF idea not sustainable

CPF money must not be used to prop up stock market

Don't begrudge teachers free parking

It's about an employer's kind gesture, not hidden subsidies

Don't stick to rules blindly

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