What readers are talking about this week

A boy is seen hitting another in this still from a video clip posted online. PHOTO: FACEBOOK PAGE OF ALL SINGAPORE STUFF

The report on the alleged school bullying incident raised some concern, with readers urging tougher action on bullying.

Mr Ng Qi Siang offered reasons for what could be emboldening bullies, while Professor Ho Lai Yun of the Singapore Children's Society outlined some of the organisation's efforts to address the problem. Ms Teo Leng Lee added cyber bullying to the discussion, as a reminder that it was another type of bullying that shouldn't be overlooked.

The report on the improved rankings of the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University prompted a discussion about universities. Dr Daniel Ng Peng Keat said that local universities should have mottos, and clearly articulated ones, in order to better shape the identity of the institutions, while Mr Lee Teck Chuan said that our community of universities should be a model of the ideal Singapore that we want to build.

Here are some of these letters:

Don't let 'get tough on bullying' be mere slogan

Creating a bully-free school a responsibility for all

Pay heed to cyber bullying among youth

Untangling the issues underlying bullying

Empower teachers to better deal with bullying

Universities should be model of ideal S'pore

Mottos can help define schools' identities

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