Worrying cases of unattended bags, security tags

Singaporeans have a habit of "reserving" tables at foodcourts before going to buy their food. Items used to do this range from packs of tissue to newspapers and small, foldable umbrellas.

Recently, however, I saw several security tags belonging to employees of a major American technology company being placed on a table at the foodcourt at Jem mall.

These security tags allow users to gain entry to the company's premises. I had assumed that employees from this company would have been more security-minded than to leave the tags on an unattended table during a busy lunch period.

We live, for the most part, in a relatively safe environment. Thankfully, no untoward incident has happened here in recent times as they have in other countries. But we have been warned that it is not a matter of "if" but "when" we will suffer terrorist attacks ("Driving vigilance message home"; Oct 20).

Incidents like the one involving the unattended security tags, as well as the countless times I have seen people leave their bags at tables in cafes to go and buy drinks, worry me.

In other countries, these bags would have been quickly removed by security forces.

Despite the threat of terrorism looming in the background, we have become careless, and our biggest enemy is our complacency.

All it takes is one explosion to erode investor and visitor confidence, and our economy will suffer. This is not to mention the loss of innocent lives.

I am not being alarmist, but it behoves us all to take security more seriously.

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)