Why leave Hume station closed?

I congratulate the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SBS Transit on the successful Open House for Downtown Line 2 ("Public get first peek at second phase of Downtown Line"; Dec 6).

I was one of those who tried the new line and got out at every station to explore the surroundings.

I was disappointed to find that Hume station along Hume Avenue, where I live, was not open.

I understand that the decision to build and open a station depends on the density of the population and the activities around the station.

Hume Avenue is lined with condominiums, with a few other condos scattered along the side. The Memories at Old Ford Factory museum is also nearby.

Hence, I cannot understand why the LTA and SBS Transit chose not to open the station.

Our MP has informed us that the station may be opened when the gateway to the Rail Corridor at the former Bukit Timah Fire Station is up and running. However, there are no firm dates on when this is happening.

Residents have put up with the noise, dust, road re-alignments and traffic jams all these years. Why do we have to wait longer for the station to open?

In the meantime, perhaps the LTA could construct covered walkways from Hume Avenue to Hillview station.

Paul Pang Kim Phong