Why does scanning problem persist?

Biometric screening system in use at Woodlands Checkpoint.
Biometric screening system in use at Woodlands Checkpoint.PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO

While everyone appreciates a quick response when the authorities reply in the Forum, it should, however, not be inaccurate.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority's (ICA's) statement: "We would also like to clarify that we had contacted Mr Jeganathan in February to address his concerns and assured him our system had been updated with his newly enrolled set of fingerprints", is not correct as I did not receive any call or letter (ICA moving towards other biometric scanning methods, June 5).

I would appreciate the authority enlightening me on this.

Also, if the updating had been done, why did I encounter fingerprint scanning problems again in March?

I would be obliged if the ICA officials could get in touch with me by e-mail or phone to clear the matter on their contact with me.

T. Jeganathan