Why can't one know outcome of MediShield application sooner?

I am due for surgery in a couple of weeks. Recently, I went to the hospital for pre-surgery checks as well as "financial counselling".

I was told that I could use Medisave and MediShield, and I signed the documents to apply for both.

However, I was dumbfounded to be told that the Government would let me know the outcome of my MediShield application only after the surgery, presumably when I get my bill.

The process could be made more transparent.

Why can't the outcome of my application be made known to me sooner, or even prior to the operation?

Any available scheme is meaningful only if the public can know if they are eligible for it sooner rather than later, and if the basis of any non-approval is clearly explained.

I hope the Ministry of Health can clarify this matter.

M. Lukshumayeh