Why are people easily offended?


Although I do not post comments on Facebook, I enjoy reading others' comments and responses.

I have realised that people tend to react angrily over small issues.

How often we are chastised, harshly criticised or called names for saying something truthful and heartfelt?

It seems like every day, there is someone who is offended by something that does not seem offensive or does not affect them - like what someone else is wearing or the selfie of someone in a bikini after working to get fit.

It would be easier to deal with this if we understand why people are like that.

Sometimes, people don't realise that what they are saying can be taken offensively. Those who are offended are actually providing the individual with a learning opportunity.

Other times, people throw a fit at the smallest thing because they feel as though the world owes them something. They are close-minded and do not understand the other side of the issue.

When someone is easily offended, they take opinions to heart and personally, and feel the need to defend themselves, even if the comments weren't directed at them.

Perhaps, they are also unhappy with themselves. They look at others with envy and use being offended as an outlet.

Everyone has an opinion, and we are all entitled to it.

However, if you post that opinion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and expect everyone to be happy about it, you've got another think coming.

Cheng Choon Fei