Who gives the OK for getai shows?

I live near a temple that organises getai performances every now and then. I understand that under the Public Entertainment Act, such events are permitted as long as they end by 10.30pm.

Recently, on Chinese New Year's Eve, the temple organised a loud getai performance that went on past midnight.

I was told that the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) had given approval for the event to continue so late.

Why was the event granted special approval to continue past midnight?

Who grants approval for such performances, the IMDA or the Singapore Police Force?

Going by the rules, I understand that three performances are allowed in any one month, and only seven days need to have lapsed before such performances are allowed again.

I would like the authorities to re-look this and to impose a noise limit. There is no reason why such performances have to blast their music when the interested audience is seated right in front of the stage.

Even ending such events by 10.30pm is too late, especially when Singapore schools start at 7.30am and such performances are allowed on any day of the week.

I look forward to clarification from the authorities.

Neo Seok Kian (Ms)