'Wet floor' signs can be a hazard

On rainy days, yellow "Wet floor" signs about half a metre high are commonly placed on the floors at public places, to prevent the risk of slipping by unsuspecting passers-by.

A similar practice is seen in toilets just after they have been washed.

However, when they are placed inappropriately, like at crowded spots or around corners, the signs may not be seen until the last minute, and fail to provide sufficient reaction time.

People will have the good sense to walk carefully on rainy days or inside the toilets, but may very well trip on unexpected hazards.

The "Wet floor" signs should be used judiciously and only where needed, for instance, to warn of unexpected incidents like the occasional leaks or spillage, and be placed in clear view so that no one will trip over them.

Seow Joo Heng