'Wear and tear' blamed for Nets card malfunction

I bought a Nets CashCard some years ago, strictly for use in my car's in-vehicle unit (IU). It had markings showing that it was heat resistant, and its expiry date was Dec 31, next year.

Some months ago, after topping up the value, I inserted the card into my car's IU and an error message was displayed.

I called the customer service at Nets and was told that the card could not be replaced as the problem was due to wear and tear.

The card has an implied warranty that it should be good until the expiry date.

Why is Nets passing the responsibility to the consumer and assuming that it is wear and tear? Could it be that the Nets CashCard is just unable to last until the expiry date?

Interestingly, the ATM is able to read the balance and update the value when topping up.

Tan Joke San