Ways to reduce old parking coupon waste

It is sad that so much paper will be wasted in swopping old parking coupons for new ones, because of the rise in carpark charges from Dec 1 ("Public parking gets costlier"; July 1).

Although the public will have some time from now to December to use the remainder of the old parking coupons, there will surely be some wastage.

I suggest two possible ways to reduce the conversion of parking coupons:

- Stop selling the old parking coupons and start selling the new ones earlier in September; or

- Allow the use of the old parking coupons after December until March next year and stop selling the old parking coupons on Dec 1.

To lower the risk of people stockpiling old coupons for use after December, the authorities can stop the exchange of old coupons for the new ones from November.

Let us save the trees and money at the same time.

Han Yongyuan