Ways to improve SkillsFuture scheme

While I applaud the effort to have the SkillsFuture package sent to every individual above the age of 25, I have a few concerns:

- I received a total of four packages for the same household. Couldn't the authorities have sent just one to each household? I see a lot of wastage in terms of printing costs.

The money spent could have been better utilised, and we could have saved a few more trees.

- Not all citizens have a computer and, hence, access to SingPass.

I hope there are other avenues available to assist those who do not have Internet access. Such avenues are not mentioned in the booklet.

- I suggest that the credits be made transferable, with certain rules and conditions.

For example, there may be retirees who do not need the credits, but would like to help their family members.

Chua Kin Hua