Waiting time at polyclinics: NHG replies

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to Mr David Goh Kia Ngan over his waiting time at Clementi Polyclinic on Oct 23 ("Polyclinics need better queue system"; Forum Online, Oct 25).

Across our nine polyclinics, we serve a high volume of patients each day.

To reduce waiting time, we have been encouraging patients to make same-day appointments through the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) website (www.nhgp.com.sg), "miHealthcare" mobile app or via NHGP's Contact Centre (6355-3000).

With this system, patients are given an estimated time so that they need to come to the clinic only closer to the time.

As a walk-in patient, Mr Goh was issued an estimated time upon registration to allow him the option to return later if he did not wish to wait in the clinic.

However, as the time given was an estimation and the consultation time for the other patients in the queue could vary, we regret that Mr Goh was not seen at the estimated time.

We seek his understanding in the matter. We will continue to improve our system and wish him the best of health.

Tracy Gan (Ms)

Deputy Director

Service Leadership and Patient Relations Department

Operations Division

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics