Visible data, survey results key in fight against plastic

We are delighted to hear from and encouraged by people like Miss Cheng Woon Jo (Greater inter-stakeholder relationship can reduce plastic waste; Nov 19).

The move to reduce plastic use is a monumental task that requires multiple stakeholders in the 3P (people, public and private) sectors to work together.

The Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) reaches out to galvanise communities and key stakeholder groups. Central to winning over our key constituents are visible data and survey results gathered from the public and businesses.

It helps us direct our initiatives to areas that require the most attention for the best results.

We embarked on one such comprehensive study, which revolved around consumer plastics and the plastic resource ecosystem in Singapore.

Recommendations from the respondents have helped us direct efforts towards campaigns to reduce plastic waste by using one less plastic item per day, and educating consumers on why, what and how to recycle plastics.

The SEC is also actively facilitating industry stakeholder engagement among the 3P sectors to create a closed-loop ecosystem for plastic recycling that will give purpose to plastic afterlife.

We look forward to moving the needle forward in reducing plastic usage with the help and participation of like-minded people and organisations.

Jen Teo (Ms)

Executive Director

Singapore Environment Council