Use transition period to address concerns over new system

With the announcement of the changes to the Primary School Leaving Examination grading system ("New PSLE scoring system to have 8 grade bands"; July 14), many parents are concerned about the points their children will need to be admitted to the various secondary schools.

If we consider the statistics, the grade-spread in the middle 50 per cent of the cohort is not likely to be too big.

As a result, secondary school admission could become even more unpredictable, as there will be more tied scores and more balloting.

The Ministry of Education could do more to allay people's fears during this transition period. One way is to publish the scores of both the new and old PSLE systems on the result slips from this year on.

This will allow secondary schools to start building a database, so they will have a general guide when the new system kicks in.

It is disappointing that the new grading system appears to retain the same emphasis on being excellent in all subjects.

Whether this is true depends on the data, and this transparency should be the top priority during the transition.

Trevor Ng Chun Jin